Questions that strucked my mind after Cases of violence against dalits and resorting to violence by dalits surfaced in media.

It is case of political motives or political Vendetta?

Prolonged neglect of a section of society leads to frustration resulting in activities antagonistic to states interest?

Should it be justified as a legitimate demand considering its divisive politics ?

Every question seems just but degree of justness and preferences vary among individuals .Violence as mark of protest is a course usually followed in subcontinent.

The first point raised is always political motives .What comprises political motives .The inherent problem in political motives is their non classification and subversive meaning.When political class and society doesn’t rise to protect and promote interest of neglected or underprivileged group they are first to be held accountable for the rise of such groups .The condition of dalits has not changed with the pace the other groups in society has changed .From educational backwardness to societal exclusion,from manual scavengers to outcast,from most deprived section to most exploited section these are attributed label to dalits .Inspite of constitutional provisions for their upliftment and betterment the ground reality seems alarming.

Historical injustices continue because of economic constraints .Abject poverty forces them to work in cultures where they are extremely vulnerable for exploitation.The society is entrenched in caste divisions that very few people are embracing them as equal members of society .

Dalit politics is not new it’s since vedic times but gained pace during Britishers.It is actually not politics but a voice which needs genuine attention.After independence rise of Bahujan samaj as separate from mainstream politics was evident of their fear of being deprived and suppressed.

Notion that such politics result into divison of society needs elaboration.what would division mean to dalits who are already not a part of society as per commonly accepted criteria’s.Mere equal status of citizenship seems futile for a scavenger who sees her sister being raped ,children’s being denied access to community educational centres, confinement to separate religious places,even no access to commonly worshipped god.what would division mean to a person who is already out of society.

There is a need for economic upliftment of dalits and the like groups .Provision for strengthening mechanism of constitutional guarantees to such groups .Stricter provisions of punishment for violation of laws related to atrocities against dalits .District and lower levels should be made focus for policy .Every case of exclusion, neglection,refusal should be dealt with firm hand.


What to do with my Child????

The onslaught of cultures considered to be detrimental to native is witnessed all over the globe due to revolution in ICT and strengthening of globalisation.

It’s out of question now to protect native cultural heritage from other cultures .one has to either question the relevance of particular culture or its consequences .The confinement of a group of people to secluded places wouldn’t solve the problem.

Individual quest to protect culture should be backed by institutio

ns.Establishment of institutions which ensure practising code of conduct and values based on native culture would help in fostering cultural infatuation among netizens.

Mere criticising of cultures antagonistic to conceived notions of society ,family and individual freedom would lead to undesired destination.

The case of Muslim women needs a special attention.she is definitely at the crossroads.Being her religious is attributed to her aloofness from modern form of schooling.It is believed that intermingling of sexes is against the religion.The question is have these religious heads opened such schools which impart quality education on scientific basis without compromising established societal and religious norms.

The next problem is what about those who doesn’t want to join such schools and prefer schools of alien culture .would it be right to force compulsory schooling for these societies against their will.It wouldn’t be wrong to prospect that they will bear fruit but only in autocratic state .In modern democratic states it’s difficult .Girls should be availed equal opportunity to exhibit their skills in order to let them become a educated mother ,to train a female to be skilled sports trainer ,to equip a nurse with best quality medical education,to make her a best female teacher who could impart qualities of excellence among the half of societies population.

One can’t say that education has reached to deep down of society if half of the society is neglected .when it comes to development of a child mothers education remains foremost important .

!!!FREE and Compulsory education !!!!

The concept of free and compulsory education gained prominence with the quest of educating every child.Parliament acted by passing 86th constitutional amendment act.T his lead to introduction of article 21A in the Constitution.

The passing of RTE act in 2010 provided roadmap for states to act .Provisions of the article provided for free and compulsory education for children’s of age 6 to 14 years.The act further put onus on states to enact respective legislations under umbrella act RTE.The teacher student ratio was another important aspect mentioned in article.

The states framed laws in accordance with the said law with little or no variations .Lakshadweep ensured 97% enrollment while Bihar provided a gloomy picture with 16.4% enrollment under respective age groups .The financial burden pretext became foremost hurdle in implementing teacher pupil ratio of 1:25.This decreased the learning outcomes as desired by educationists .The decrease in gross enrollment lead to the focus on retaining enrolled in higher classes by hook and crook .Though dropout ratio was brought down considerably upto lower classes but it increased abruptly in 5th or 6th .

There is a dire need to focus on implementing the complete law in form and substance .The foremost point should be to involve Panchayats in ensuring enrollment in schools .This can be done by giving districts education planning offices discretion to form academic calendar after thorough discussion with respective panchayat heads.They should take into consideration social system ,seasonal demand of labour ,economic necessity of people’s local festivals etc.Disables ,single parent children,orphan and girls need special attention .The academic calendars are framed on state basis and various holidays which have only relevance in particular parts are observed in whole state reducing the no .of working days .Teacher training should remain a foremost aim for DIET.

Unless causes are either nipped from the bud or redressed to the level of people’s expectations the dream of ensuring 8 years of successful schooling of every child of the country would remain a distant dream .

Probity in governance ….

Probity means being honest not only in terms of conduct but also in individual capacity .

Probity in governance focusses on five main areas .

Ensure transparency and accountability.

Protect interest of economically weaker and socially downtrodden.

Ensure conformity to established processes and procedures.

Strive for collective interest instead of sum of individual interest.

5.Maintain integrity and avoid potential for misconduct ,corruption,fraud and mismanagement.

Probity doesn’t mean complying with legal terms only it means proving conduct ethically upright .Steadfastness in terms of honesty in public office should not be altered with corruption in household chores or inventing new ways of immorality in financial matters which might be far from auditing agencies.

What constitutes legally right might be ethically wrong in some cases .This is where probity demands efficient striking of balance between the two .eg in case of granting permission for terminating pregnancy of a raped child would demand higher administrative calibre and sound ethical mindset .Probity doesn’t mean only misconduct in terms of monetary values it takes into account morality ,honesty , truthfulness,and propriety.

Private interest should be separated from public interest .when action involves self public servant should overcome natural instinct of greed and favouritism.Conflict of interest should be handled by utmost prowess.

One should remember in law one is wrong when he breaches the law but in ethics one is even if he thinks so.

From religious scriptures to ancient and modern philosophers literature honesty and truthfulness is what societies was taught to inculcate.

Rapes in India 

The downfall of our morality heading us towards acts about which we were taught that once upon it happened somewhere 2000 years ago…..The spontaneous reaction from listeners used to be is it a true story…no …it can’t happen ….I m driving you to the issue of rape .comparative degree is murder after rape ..a superlative degree is Recidivism ….Cause …as per social scientist is patriarchal society ….gender biasness … religiously dominant societies …social structure …customs …traditions ..illiteracy ..economic dependency of women  and historical reasons …

But question is..though not all but many of these conditions are prevalent in our neighbouring countries but the rape cases are fewer in no comparison to ours ….

  1. Remedy …Best tool to nip a evil from the bud is education …where a gigantic task is still to be done …. strengthening implementation of acts which act as protector of victims and criminalise the evil acts…Reservation in Panchayat Raj to be promoted …Social security schemes focussing on women empowerment …Sex education to be promoted ….Delegitimise unconstitutional forums restricting individual freedom such as khaap Panchayat…focussing on improving gender disparity gap….and better monitoring of justice delivering institutions …..

Islamic Renaissance….Need or Compulsion

Despotic monarchs .alarming rate of unemployment ..wandering refugees ..self molestation of Tunisian youths and augmenting internal as well as external tolerant societies pressure the Islamic societies needs to have a relook to their interpretations of Quran and justifications for the crisis….On one side the non nation state subjects of earth I.e refugees and on the side the unfed childrens of Somalia …where r we heading is it right to maintain the status quo and let that happen what God has predestined for humanity or we r the sole representative of God to let mankind have some respite from the impending dangers of exacerbating situation….

Two fold strategy …let discussuions debates and critiques open their chests in front of people let people have a say what they want …instead of Zara e azab…(military operation against Taliban’s by Pakistan ) zarb e fikr should get due importance …promote gender equality in the best possible way it should be …modernise madrasas through establishment computer labs and libraries including books over different religions and scientific studies make education compulsory at least till 12th class in all madrasas….think over the outcome of madrasas ….where r our qaris and ulemas heading to…Try emphasising on tolerant and pluralistic society …we tried every other way eg creation of Pakistan …let’s now try to win hearts for which we haven’t fought sincerely ….instead of criticising coeducation show humanity a way by opening new schools ..colleges in the pattern u want to establish .. Stop justifying the unislamic way of retaliation …As with force we can win lands but not hearts ..and the need of the hour is to focus’s on winning people’s and not lands …..Be tolerant while reading….And critiques r welcomed

Disaster management in India and preparedness

The.sendai framework 2015 provided a base for the areas which needs special attention while preparing strategies for pre disaster and post disaster preparedness 

Focus areas .capacity building .at individual organisational and institutional level…

At individual level we have to educate people’s through seminars onsight mock drills precautionary measures during a hazard etc …At organisational level every worker or manager or admin..of a enterprise should be well aware to teach his clients what should be our first choice for first aid during a disaster …at institutional level our aim should be to ensure development projects to be disaster resilient ….

Mechanism….strengthing of NDRF …both qualitatively and quantitatively…which included the quickness of services to be provided ..well experienced and trained men ..well equipped in terms of needs during disasters …better coordinating skills …better financial backing ….

SDRF should also be taken on board as they r the first who have to deal with the situation during the golden hours….

Ten point agenda of our PM….Womens to be given priority while giving skills to mitigate destruction of disaster …ensure structural resilience in all new projects…better coordination among concern agencies …Unviresity to be specified to carry out research for mitigation..use mobile and other social connecting areas to spread awareness …ensure proximity to effective first aid near human settlements…prepare a map based on zone risk mapping …holistic approach towards environment development through sustainable ways of development …

Conclusion….we r optimistic for mitigating disaster destruction as we have done in case of early detection and preparedness during cyclones …as they can be predicted but in other cases we have to increase infrastructural resilience limit and community awareness…and ensure bottom top approach by starting constructive efforts to reach the most prone communities which needs to be addressed first in terms of priorities…..we will have to ensure better coordination among various stake holders for mitigation disaster destruction….